Watt-meter display jumps and motor stops

Hi Guys,

The past 2-3 weeks I’m experiencing a problem with the electric bike.

The meter of Watts in the display has a lots of variation and while it might be at one moment 140 Watts, it can change to 200 Watts after a second without any reason (cycling with steady pace).

This results in stopping the motor even if I am under the limit of 25km/hr (kind of blocking it so it doesn’t give boost) as it is probably limited to going to a certain amount of max Watts.

The solution for the motor to keep giving boost is to stop the bike and start again from 0 Watts.

Any ideas on this/have you encountered something like this before? I’m trying to figure out what might cause the problem. It all started after I fell once with the bike.

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hello i think i have the same pb, but switching off/on the bike don't solve the pb at any time, it's random...

I didn't fall with my bike, but i have cycled under rain, and in mud.

I think it's the speed sensor, but not sure

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Did you find an issue ?