Vu 50K 50" LED TV

I have 50" LED TV. Last 15 days I am having peculiar problem. In morning when I switch 'ON' my TV then there is no picture at all. Black perfectly black ( No raster). However sound is OK. I receive sound if Set top box is ON. I checked HDMI connection and it is perfect. Without doing any thing, if I switch TV after 11.30 AM then picture comes and TV works perfectly all right. I switch OFF in noon time and evening again the picture comes perfectly all right. For last 15 days I am watching TV but morning time picture never comes alive.

I believe it has some thing to do with outside temperature. When Temperature rises then TV works fine. In mornings when temperature is low, the screen does not get any raster and no picture either.

Is there any temperature sensitive component or switching relay inside.

B K Chaturvedi

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This could be caused by a timer?

My TV usually won't turn on before 7.30am or after 23/11pm (Which I set myself).

You should check that for me


To day is warmer day and I find that my TV worked at 8:30 in the morning. I switched OFF at 9.15 AM. Again at 12:00 noon it is not switching ON.

Please advise where is the timer and how to access it.

B K Chaturvedi


Well if you know how to access the Menu of your TV or the options you should be able to find it there.

And I don't think thermals could be an issue, most devices can handle from 0 - 50 degrees celcius with no problems, but advised to keep it at room temperature (around 21 degrees celcius)

And can you try to pull out the plug and then replug it, and optionally use the manual buttons instead of a remote (If you haven't already).

Though it's still strange it doesn't turn on at specific times.


Thanks Leena for suggestion. My TV has no setting problem but some circuit misbehavior, The sound comes every time you switch ON the TV.


Then how can you fixed the problem, by using stebilizer