Is There A Way To Fix A Audio Glitch On A Specific Game?

I've bought a game called "marc ecko's getting up" and for some reason the sound effects glitch out and go mute. i bought one copy off the Internet and thats when the issue started, the game runs great its just the audio thats a issue. i thought maybe it was the disk so ive had another copy delivered to me today and its the same issue. I've been playing several other games and never get this issue. i never had this problem on my old ps2 fat console, i recently got a ps2 slim(SCPH-90001) weeks ago that runs really good until i load this game. any suggestions ?

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I have the same problem too with Marc ecko’s getting up on my ps2 and I have the same ps2 slim model as well. I don’t think it’s the disc, it’s the ps2 because it’s something to do with the laser, and I’m already thinking of getting a new ps2 model. My ps2 also didn’t run well with Fight Night Round 2 and that game didn’t have a scratch on the disc, and same with getting up. So it’s obviously the PS2 that’s causing this problem. I think you would be better off getting another PS2 like the original slim line (70000 SPCH series) or the fat one.