RCA Android tablet with detachable keyboard, identified by model number RCT6303W87DK.

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My key board when attached to screen dose not work, so I can only use

My touch screen works but the key board that attaches to the screen portion dose not work at all , worked a couple of times..but will not function, bought a second key board and attached it and still nothing....and no more warranty waited to long

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The metal connectors could be damaged. Do they looked scuffed or damaged in any way?


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Look ok...has some contact marks but nothing looks daaged


Have you wiped them with cleaning products or had anything magnetic go close to them?


Have not cleaned them...and nothing nothing magnetic ...only looked at them for damage with a magnifying glass nothing els


Sorry mate I can not help you any further than. It might be that it just that the connectors are so old that nature took its toll and the connectors will not work. I think you would have to replace the connectors itself but I advise to go to a reliable and honorable repair shop to fix it. I do not see any DIY solution to this issue other than a full replacement. If this repair would cost too much than I guest just live with the issue as it is not a issue that hinders your ability to use your device.




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