A low cost converter by Access HD enabling analog TVs and “digital ready” TVs to receive off-air UHF and VHF digital television signals.

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Coverter box not working at all

Hi,my name's Myra

I have a dta1030 coverter box,nd my question is,can i reset my coverter box?

Because certain channels blackout,

I cant get channels 29 fox,nd get tv channel 63 is now on 28 nd that doesn't play at all nd neither does all of channels 2 or 35.

Can i get some help?

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Have you tried just rescanning for all the available channels again?

Are the channels that you mentioned, not being detected at all, or are they being deemed as too low a signal level to be accepted by the converter when it scans for the channels?

Also just checking that the channels are not showing up as 'not viewable' in the converter's Channel List Editing menu



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Move your antenna to a different location, or point it in a different direction. It may be that the missing channels simply don't have a strong enough signal for your box to receive them.

If moving the antenna solves the problem, then you might want to get a better antenna, so that it can pick up all of the channels without having to move the antenna.


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