iPhoneの第2世代モデル。モデル番号はA1241 / 8 もしくは16 GBの容量/ ブラックもしくはホワイトのプラスチック製背面ケース。修理はオリジナルiPhoneに比べて直接パーツに作業ができます。ドライバー、こじ開けるためのツールと吸盤カップが必要です。

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iPhone does not detect WiFi networks. What are my options?


I have recently discovered that I cannot use my WiFi at all. Apparently my iPhone has become victim to water damage. I don't know how this is possible since I am very careful with it. I can't remember getting it wet or even near water. Anyways, I took it to an Apple store and they took a look at it and said that two of the water damage indicators have turned red or something. I no longer have warranty and this isn't covered under warranty anyways. My only option through them is to buy another phone.

Everything on the phone works fine EXCEPT the WiFi. Under settings the phone just doesn't find any networks.

What are my options as far as fixing this problem? Could I simply replace the logic board?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Why go straight to replacing the logic board when it could be a cheap fix? Water sensors are a bit trigger happy... They react if you live somewhere humid, or if you go jogging/exercise wearing the armband- they warm up and condensation forms. It's not the most reliable of indicators.

I'd try restoring the phone first- make sure data is backed up!

If you've got a friend (or a spare phone you know works)willing to let you try their phone you could swap logic boards to narrow down whether it's the board or antenna at fault. Obviously if your wifi works in their case then the problem is your antenna!

If you have recently done a jb using the ipad exploit (6.15.00) it's known to wipe gps/wifi. You may be able to use fuzzyband to change your baseband if your bootloader is 5.8... Download ios for iPhone again.

You can also check connector 5 which is the antenna for any "water" damage ( it will look like white or greenish residue)

if your phone has had a drop the antenna may have been damaged- they don't sell them here but you can buy just the gps/wifi antenna on many sites, if you have a cracked case etc it can be less hassle just to buy the entire rear case with volume/gps/battery already installed.

Finally... The wifi chip is on the rear of the logic board... It's the long rectangular box. If you've tried everything else then you can replace just this one chip. You'll need to know someone who can do this sort of repair though.

Good luck


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Good advice... Insofar as water indicators going off and/or small amounts of water damage in a portable electronic device. Any time you have a fluctuation of 8*F between 2 surfaces or air pockets condensation will form. That is why they put mullion heaters in refrigerators where the doors close, to keep them from freezing shut and in the doors to keep condensation from forming on the out side of the door. In the winter when you take your phone out in 30*F weather for a while then bring it in to your 70*F home condensation is going to form inside and outside of the phone. Proof of this can be seen as the screen will fog up.


Thanks pollytintop & ABCellars for your helpful responses. I forgot to mention that I've already done a complete restore and it hasn't helped.

I will try to find a friend that will allow me to swap logic boards to see whether it is the antenna or not.

Don't know anything about the iPad exploit so I'm sure it's not that.

I have yet to open up the phone myself but when I do I'll let post the status on connector 5 as well.

I've seen sites where they sell the antenna and rear case and will keep that in mind when I find out whether it is the antenna or not.

Now that you mention humidity I can think of some instances when I've used the phone to listen to music during a shower. It must have been during this time that the phone got condensation inside. Thanks for all the help so far.


check ypur vpn settings.... just has someone say they had theirs on instead of off and this is why they couldnt get wifi. just an idea



hello guys watch this video open this link



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you should probably replace the Wi-Fi antenna on your iPhone, my iPhone wouldn't show network connection until I changed the Wi-Fi antenna.


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