Unable to power up

When I power up my Inspiron 6000 it lights up for 10secs then switches off.

Can you help please.

Regards john

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does this happen when plugged in too?


Yes, I've tried both ways and still the same, it clicks and turns. off after a couple of seconds, I'm an electrician and it sounds like some type of switch.




Hi @tetleypg ,

Does the fan start when you power up?

Try a 30 second power refresh to see if this resolves it.

Remove charger, remove battery, press and hold the Power button for 30 secs, connect charger,(leave battery out at this stage) and try to start.

If still no good try starting with a barebones system.

Remove HDD, DVD drive and USB connections etc.

Leave only RAM installed so that you have basic computer i.e. battery, motherboard, RAM and display and try to start it. If it still fails remove RAM and see if it at least gives an indication that the RAM is missing.

Always remove /replace any components with the power disconnected and the battery removed.

here's a link to the ifixit repair guides which may be of some help


Hi there, did all that still no good, looks like it's ready for the bin. Thanks for your help anyway.