multiple issues with my android smartphones

Ok....So I Own Several Smartphones One In Particular Is The LG Optimus Fuel Pre Paid Tracphone .... It Hasn't Been Wet At All .... But Has Been Accidentally Been dropped By Myself And My Wife still worked as normal when we placed the battery back into the phone and closed it up with it's backing cover ... .when the battery showed low 10% I figured ok time to place it on the charger for the night but in the morning ....I tried to turn on my phone and no response ....I did a power button home button and volume button bypass but still nothing I still own it and love it but unable to use it at this moment please help....also purchased an android sunrise smartphone from net10 pre paid and the additional question is this both my phones internal storage is full do I free up my storage space ....I have San disk flash drives and micro sd cards and a notebook laptop to transfer files ....I just don't know how to move my smartphone internal storage please again help me ....because all my apps need updating but I have no free storage space wife's LG treasure lte smartphone also is a net10 pre paid smartphone has this internal storage issue also ....ok wow lots of texting but finally I'm done....thank you and good night

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