This Chromebook, created by Hp, has the model number : 14-x015wm and was released back in September 2014. The 14-inch, 192- core chip device will pair standard Wi-Fi connectivity with support for mobile broadband!

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What is wrong with my laptop?!

I bought mine "BRAND NEW" at Walmart. Apparently without my permission they gave me a display. I take it home with the box, and reciept. I also didn't know it was a rollback item. I wanted it for school, and at home pc gaming. I treated myself for once with this every $175.00. It doesn't keep charge it flashes on and off with a quick message I cannot read. I have uncontrollable seizures and I am medicated but it's hazardous!! And I have children. So this is a problem. I attempted to take it back but since it was a rollback, display, and I took off the screen stickers they rejected me taking it back when all I requested was a exchange. They said "we cannot exchange a rollback display if it doesn't work for your liking or ours" I was quite upset. I have had this since 3 Christmas's ago and I can't use this. I want to go back, and finish schooling but this is hazzardess due to my medical issue's and they didn't even take that to consideration that I'm a mother, with children under 10 youngest is 6 month's. Please help me, everywhere overly charges and I cannot drive or work at all I'm momma all day 24/7!! Please help!! What is wrong with my laptop?!

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Try this for me, hold Esc, Refresh, and then press the power button. Let me know what happens


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It didn't do anything but flicker black and grey




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