15.6" Windows 8.1 Laptop manufactured by Toshiba in 2014.

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Screen not displaying correctly

Toshiba Satellite C55T-A. I don't know if I did something strange or what but everything I had on desktop is now up top above the screen area. I've tried "dragging" but it gives me a big red X, if I "right-click" it does absolutely nothing. When I do open a program, I have just about sit on it to see through the "black" screen.

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Assuming you are on Windows: Try changing the display settings in Control Panel or Options-System-Display. Try setting for the lowest screen resolution like 800x600 and see if it fits the screen better, it will revert back to the previous settings if you don't do anything after a few seconds. That should give you an idea if you can make the display screen look more normal. If changing the display settings do not change the appearance then see how it looks on an external monitor, if the external monitor shows the same problem then the problem is a defective graphics adapter on the system board.


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