2.0GHz, 2.3GHzもしくは2.6GHzクアッドコアIntel Core i7プロセッサ (Turbo Boost 最大3.8GHz) 6MB共有L3 キャッシュ付き。

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MBP dies after a few drops of water in trackpad.

Soo, I was walking to my living room with my macbook pro and a bottle of enzyme cleaner to clean a pee pee spot from my puppy.. the bottle nozzle randomly dripped into the trackpad of the mac which i didnt see until 20 minutes later. I couldn't tell at that point if liquid had hit the track pad because it was dry and just looked like something indistinguishable.. like a greasy finger smear.. So when i turned it on the screen was powering up with the apple sign, and then flashed white, and never turned on again.. i dried it for 48 hours with silica packets, then took it to the best apple repair store in the area.. they said the logic board was destroyed as well as the topcase, resulting in a 700$ minimum repair, on top of the 300$ data backup with diagnostic fee.

Are macbook pro's really that fragile, that a few drops of liquid in the trackpad will total the system? It's worth only $1k maximum, so I opted out of the repair to buy an iMac. Now I have an very expensive doorstop.

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If the device was only in contact with a few drops I doubt it would of kill the full machine, it is possible though, Any how I would first try disassembling the device following the iFixit link below, within that link it will also guide you on removing the ssd in almost all water damages I've seen usually the ssd is okay if you browse around on eBay or amazon you will find adapters which will allow you to turn it into a usb drive thus being able to get your files of.

Once you've fully disassembled the machine I would look around the main board for any signs of corrosion usually pretty noticeable if you see any and are able to send me a photo so I can take a look, moving on if theres no visible corrosion just let all the parts air out for around 2 weeks in a dry area you can use rice if you like or those little bags you find that absorb moisture.

The link is for a top case replacement this is as far as you will need to go with your disassembly process if you'd prefer you could just remove the ssd and admit the device is dead or even try and let it dry and check it the main board from within side the machine an don't bother removing it

MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Late 2013 Upper Case Assembly Replacement

Hope this helps


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