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What adjustments can be made to get hot water?

Sir or Madam,

GEG188 Automatic Clothes Washer - Purchased MAY 24, 2016

Please advise what we can do to our washer to have hot water used for WHITES?

There are three main temperature settings, WARM, COLD HOT. The hot isn’t hot enough to clean soiled clothing.

Refer to the letter from Whirlpool/GE Canada.

August 2, 2016

Dear Mr. Rheaume,

Thank you for your reply, and please excuse the lateness of ours.

For newer models, of which yours is one, hot water will be cooler (max. of about 105º F. or around 40.5º C.) than the typical hot water heater setting (120º F. or 49º C.). Warm water will max out at about 95º F. or 35º C. As you may have seen in your use and care manual, the washer sometimes adds warm water to cool and cold washes to adjust the temperature as well.


Robert P., Correspondence, Whirlpool Canada

Whirlpool Canada Customer Service is available at 1-800-807-6777 from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Monday through Friday.

Take care

Earle Rheaume

940 Lucille Way

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada K4A4H9

Tel: 613-834-2635


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It doesn't appear you can adjust the temperature. You may have rely on additional bleach.


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