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Released in 2013, this laptop comes equipped with a 16” LED-backlit screen, 500GB hard drive with 4GB of RAM, and pre-installed with Windows 8. It also comes with a built in HD webcam and digital microphone, as well as Dolby dual speakers.

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CPU Upgrade from A6 to A10

I have a new A10 with compatible pin config.

But A6 is glued to board -- will glue gun damage board? Other options to remove glue?

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It is clearly glue -- it is only on the four corners, it is clearish, and I have been slowly slicing away at it with a razor. No signs of solder yet...


Ok, well if its glued on, its a highly resilient epoxy considering CPU temperatures sometimes reach 85 C (185 F).



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I don't think the CPU is glued to the board.

Rather, I think the CPU is Soldered to the board.

If you are comfortable with soldering, you need to remove the solder from hundreds of pins and make sure the new one aligns perfectly, and that none of the pins are blocked, damaged, or blocked.

Also, the HPs BIOS needs to have information in about the A10 in order for the CPU to work, even if the pins align.


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J.J. Lukas さん、ありがとうございました!

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