A point and shoot digital camera with detachable lens manufactured by Sony.

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Wont turn on after shooting 4k

Hi sorry for my bad english. I have sony A6300 1month old after shooting 4k for 2 minutes evertime i turn off my camera and turn it on it wont turn on unless i remove the battery

It happens every time i shoot 4k 2minutes above

No error messages. The camera is slightly hot. Is it normal. Please help.

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The Sony A6300 had a serious overheating problem when shooting 4k video. Sony released a firmware patch to mitigate the overheating problem. Check it out here:


When looking for firmware or other downloads for your camera, make sure to look under "ILCE-6300." Sony has a tendency to use the official retail code name for the camera in all documentation rather than the marketing name, which is kind of confusing.

Good luck!


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Martin Leonar さん、ありがとうございました!

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