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Water damage few years ago, loads menu but software won’t load

Ok, so a while back my DSi got submerged in water about halfway and I didn’t do anything about it. I kept it for a few years and now it can apparently turn on, charge, load the menu, turn on camera, shuffle images on top screen, produce sound, but whenever I click on any application/software (like the settings or a game) it gives me an error. No error is specified so I’m not sure what to do. By the way, it can recognize games and the screen works perfectly fine. It’s just whenever I tap on any software the bottom screen gives me an error message.

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When water is allowed to dry, it leaves residue that can oxidize circuits or cause shorts. What I would do is open the DSi and look at the board and bottom screen. Any where you see white spots, use 91% alcohol with a q-tip and try to clean it off. If you see rust, it may be too late but see if you can remove it as well. Make sure It is completely dry before reassembling.

It is very important to open and clean any board when exposed to water immediately to prevent damage to circuits. Good luck.


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Alright, thanks so much. I’ll be sure to do that.




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