How to find the broken wire connection on my 30 ft electrical extensio

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I have broken wire or connection, with my thirty foot electrical extension cord. It has a male and female plug at each end. This problem prevents a closed circuit and me without the use of this useful tool over many years. I am quite attached to it and will feel badly should we need to part I have repaired a few problems over the years. Please offer me some that will permit its use for a few years more. Thank you.

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I recently faced this problem in a longer (100 ft) extension cord. I cut mine into two pieces and used an ohmmeter to test the three conductors individually. Unsurprisingly, I now have a good 50 foot cord that needed a new termination on one end which I installed. I also have a bad 50 foot cord that could be subdivided again to see if a further 25 foot of the original length can be salvaged cheaply.


Buy a tone injector and tracer like this....

More expensive solution


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