Laptop manufactured by Asus, running on Google Chromebook OS. Released June of 2014.

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chromeos is damaged or missing

I have an Asus C300M Chromebook. Every time I try to power it on it says "ChromeOS is damaged or missing". I have attempted creating a ChromeOS recovery USB on a Windows 10 computer, even recreated the recovery usb while on Safemode with Networking (I saw someone recommended trying that on another form), but nothing works. It will verify the USB and then appear to start but it never recovers. Does anybody have any ideas? I'm really not sure what to do next.

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Sounds to me like the onboard (and sadly surface mounted) SSD device has failed prematurely. Probably need a new chromebook. I've created my recovery media for my own chromebook with linux computers and never had any problem. I would try to use a linux system to create the recovery media before giving up on the machine however.


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