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hard to send message

I have a problem with my samsung note 3. This phone used to be the phone of my uncle. But the battery give up 3years ago. So he keep it for 3 years. Then he gave me this phone this year he said that i should buy a new battery because the old one give up. So im starting to use this phone for 2 weeks but my problem is everytime i send message the sending icon always appear on screen. when i turn on my mobile data nothings wrong. What should i do? Thnkyou!

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The mobile data connection setting is only required if you wish to send MMS (texts with videos or pictures) or go onto the internet. SMS (texts) do not need this on.

Can you receive texts OK?

Open the Message app then tap the left hand soft key below the screen and select Settings. Tap SMS/MMS, scroll down and tap Message centre.

Go to your phone service provider's website and search for the SMS Message centre information. (it is different for every service provider)

Check that the SMS Message centre information in the phone is the same as what is on the phone service provider's website.


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Thankyou. But if this wont work? Is there any other solution?



Not sure what you mean by "IF this won't work?"

Have you checked the setting and is the information the same and if not have you corrected it and tried it?




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