Small media streaming device that plugs directly into your TV's HDMI port. Originally released by Amazon in November 2014. The latest version comes with a voice-activated remote.

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How to factory reset the Fire stick without any remote or app?

Why is my Fire Stick disconnected from the internet after I ran a "Share it app"? The remote also stopped working. I can't use the Fire TV Remote App as the Stick has no internet access.

I sideloaded an android app "share it" it on firestick but when I tried to send the data from my phone to fire stick, the screen just froze. I had to restart the TV but by then fire stick had lost the network access. Fire Tv -Stick is dispaying "No network access" message. Earlier it was connected to two modems but now its not detecting either of them. Somehow remote also stopped working. I tried two diffrent physical remotes (with fresh batteries) but now I can't navigate inside it by any means.

I don't know the reason but I guess the ‘share it’ app tried to create a shared hotspot network to allow data transfer but maybe fire stick is not configured for it.

Is there any method to factory reset the device without turning it on ?

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I have this same exact issue. Brand new firestick from the store. Loaded es file explorer and moved 2 apk’s that I’ve placed on 4 other firesticks and using the same method.

After the transfer I didn’t jump back to the firestick immediately, but when I did I noticed it was a black screen with “no network connection” in the lower left corner.

The remote wouldn’t work nor WiFi. After a few power cycles and being quick with keeping the remote buttons pushed I managed to get to factory reset.

That worked until I got signed in to my amazon account and then it lost network connection again and it’s stuck at a point (sign up for prime) spot that the remote will not work after power cycles and is at this point bricked. And all before I could actually install anything :/


@christopher715 Thank you!

@jonschr yes i was looking for something like that only, but a USB mouse worked for me. Thank you!

@stephen Thank you so much, I did get to try your method but it looks very promising. :)


What is a usb mouse


I had a Firestick 1

Dead no remote.

With a pin lock.

Linked to computer with ADB with usb lead(

With windows but you can download apple or Linux version.

Plugged in hdmi end into the display

It asks to set Firestick to usb debugging.

No mouse or control.

Downloaded CetusPlay app on both an android or iPhone.

Linked android or iphone as hotspot

You are then able to access Firestick system settings

Go network and link network hotspot

Link Wi-fi

With Cetus

You do not have the facility with Cetus.

For the next move

So download Firetv App.

Link firetv app

Go to setting again.

My device/ my fire tv

Reset factory defaults

Then press the reverse and fast forward button at the same time.

Until factory reset comes up.

I think it took 10/ 12 attempts to achieve a factory reset.

Press reset.

You should then have a virgin Firestick as new

Took a bit of working out by trial and error.

This also circumvents pin code lock.

Nothing else worked for myself.

I now have a clean Firestick.

Good Luck


Seems long winded.

Just follow each step.

It actually works without have to buy-extra leads or a mouse.

Once you have ADB installed on you computer your half way there.

Using version 3.8.

All free software.



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I don't have a fire stick remote and the fire stick is signed into another Wi-Fi and on the app it says you have to have them both signed into the same Wi-Fi network how do I fix it to where I can just put the fire stick in my Wi-Fi so I can use my phone as a remote? Please help LOL.


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You have two options

1) either borrow remote for someone if you dont h

want to buy

2) Buy either of two acessories (very cheap)

Micro USB Host OTG Cable with Micro USB Power for Nexus 4 5 7 10 Galaxy Nexus & Samsung Galaxy S 3 III 4 IV 5 V.


Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Fire TV Stick


Mine factory reset itself But mine is stuck in one place repeating the same message in different languages asking to push the house button to ten seconds i did that nothing happened and I don't have a remote I did getbmy neighbors remote but it wont do anything I change the batterys



You can connect using just your laptop. Download mobomarket for android on your PC. Download adbLink 2.04 for Windows: Connect your firetv cord to the usb port on your laptop instead of power. Mobomarket and adblink should recognize your firestick. Select remote on adbLink. That's how you will navigate your firetv. Use left/right and select to navigate. Select Full Screen in Mobomarket under the tools tab. That's how you will see the homepage of the firestick. You will have to keep refereshing the full screen button to see where you're navigating by closing and opening it. It only shows screenshots of your firetv display. Try to navigate to firetv settings and network connection. Select your phone's hotspot and don't use a password. Once your firetv is online, download the official remote for kodi and add host, find kodi.


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This worked exactly as described. The navigation is a little slow and cumbersome but it gets the job done. Thanks for the tip!


Ok, This how I refreshed the network connection (wifi) without a remote:

1. Download the tool from and installed the utility.

2. Connected my Fire Stick to the usb of my PC.

3. When the interface opened, I went to Edit selected Android (see picture of my settings). Somehow I got it to connect just by playing around with it. Once it connected, I kept the usb plugged into my PC, then I plugged the HDMI part of the Fire TV into my television. I selected the keyboard on the interface, and when Fire TV loaded, I was able to use the keyboard to navigate. I went to setting and changed the network settings.

The following link is to some screenshots of my settings:

Hope this blesses you all!



Well I found the answer to my question. I connected a USB mouse to the fire stick and tried to naviagte to the network setting. ( I couldn't see the cursor so it was quite hard to navigate)

You can either use a USB mouse or an ethernet network cable. For fire sticks you may use either of following two:

Micro USB Host OTG Cable with Micro USB Power for Nexus 4 5 7 10 Galaxy Nexus & Samsung Galaxy S 3 III 4 IV 5 V.


Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Good Luck!


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did your remote work then?



Well, I tried something crazy…

  1. I setup hotspot on one of my mobile phones with the same name as my old WiFi (which my Fire stick remembers)
  2. Make sure you match the hotspot password also with old password
  3. Turn on the Hotspot and Firestick and bam! It's online
  4. Now, use a second mobile and connect to the same hotspot
  5. Launch the FireTV app and now you can control your Firestick and configure new Wi-Fi ;-)


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You are really good. Know the concept. It took some time for me but I too could get it done. I was travelling but did not take the remote and your solution really helped!!! Thanks



Not to be disparaging to you, but really,

"Is there any method to factory reset the device without turning it on ?

Do you know of ANY electronic device that you can "factory reset" without it being powered on?

That's like me wanting to have "remote computer access" with my home computer "powered down"

It's not possible to do. And if you can't use the Amazon App, I don't know what to suggest.

If it's not responding to the physical remote, IF YOU HAVE AN ANDROID PHONE,

you can download the Amazon Fire TV Stick APP from Amazon onto your phone and

see it THAT will serve as a remote and try to do a factory reset on your Fire TV Stick.....

Without some input device, the Fire TV Stick is pretty useless.


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You can factory reset lots of devices without them being turned on. If you were to "factory reset" a PC, you'd simply connect the hard drive to another device then format the drive and fresh install windows.

Not to be disparaging, but your answer, in addition to being snide, both misses the point of the question and gives out incorrect information – it *is*, in fact, possible, to reset most things without them being powered on; typically it requires connecting to something else with the device to be reset powered off and resetting the memory in some way through the connected device.


Then why didn't you answer the ^!&$@*%%$%$@$ question, @%^$$@$? Just saying........


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You can factory reset the fire stick using the fire tv app on your cell phone. When the fire stick starts back up you need the actual remote though, in which case if you don’t have, you run into this scenario.



I rarely faced streaming issues while using Fire TV Stick. There are various reasons behind these streaming issues. Due these problems, we need to reset our device. Each and every user find about why reset fire TV, how to execute the process of Reset? If you are also one of them facing problem , here you can Reset Fire TV Stick with or without using remote.


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im trying to supercharga a stick for a friend. she has no remote but thats not an issue. problem is she has no code (4 digit) . no code appears on screen as some say and my gallaxy smart phone will pick up on my other 3 sticks but not this???



How to reset Firestick ?

If you want to reset Firestick, you won’t be able to find the option for “Factory reset” doesn’t which device you are using including Fire Stick.

But there are other techniques by which you can reset Firestick. Before going to reset techniques, remember that you will lose all the data saved in Firestick, so ensure that you make a backup of all the data.

Let’s look at steps to reset Firestick:

1. Launch Amazon Firestick and go to the setting which is available at the down right corner of the window.

2. Click on settings and choose for “Manage installed Applications”.

3. You will see the list of all installed Applications, find Firestick and click on it.

4. You will see a list of options, choose to clear all data and then click on Yes.

This was the simplest way through which you can reset Firestick but there might be the situation when you have to uninstall Firestick from Firestick and reinstall it again to fix the issue with Firestick.

To uninstall Firestick go through these steps:

1. Start Amazon Firestick and go to settings page and select “Manage installed applications”.

2. The list of installed Applications on your Fire stick will come in front of you. Click on Firestick.

3. Then choose to uninstall from the appeared options.

4. After the uninstall process all the Firestick data will be erased, then reinstall Firestick again.

Now, you should not face any technical issue with Firestick. There might be a time when you will need the suggestions of experts. Then you should call on '''setup amazon fire stick'''. You will get the assistance of experts who are 24/7 available for you and they are going to give you the best possible solution to your problem.


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Hello! Can I make a hard reset through adb access? The stick does not load.


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