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This 20" Dell All In One can be identified by the label on the back along the bottom of the display.

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What is causing my computer to boot to the Dell logo screen split?

Help please with my problem my computer boots to the Dell logo screen split in 4 equal screen on one monitor.

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Hello, usually it was happened when you use replacement LCD. The difference between original Dell LCD and 100% same replacement generic LCD is EEPROM dump only!

So, if you replaced LCD on this computer, then you need unsolder EEPROM from original broken Dell LCD and put it on new replacement LCD. This EEPROM IC located on LCD panel PCB board - it is inside LCD matrix on backside first layer under plastic tape cover.

If you do not replace LCD then, maybe content(dump) of this EEPROM is destroyed in some way, then you need dump from same model original Dell LCD panel.

Wish you good luck!


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i did not replace the monitor. I replaced the motherboard.


Hmm, then provide detailed information about both systems you used to combine this one. Each motherboard has model number and they may be different in a same models of PC.




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