iPhoneの第4代目で、修理はそのままパーツを直接交換するだけです。しかし、正面ガラスとLCDはセットで交換する必要があります。容量はGSM / 8,、16m32 GB / モデル番号 A1332 /本体カラーは黒と白色

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Are model numbers the same inside the phone as on the back side >?

the model number inside the "general" settings under "about" says MD198C/A. Is that the same as the model on the back of the phone model A1332 EMC 380a.

This is confusing me because it says one in my phone and then one on the back side of my phone. Anyone have any advice? Is this normal to see?

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The "model number" in the general settings is not the same as the model number on the back. The "model" or order number (MD198C/A) tells what configuration this model is. The model number (A1332) tells what model/make the device is. The EMC number is an additional identifier, but is not unique and can vary for different countries.

You can check those numbers here for example: https://everyi.com/by-identifier/index-i...


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