2015 Retina MacBookの最新モデルです。モデル番号はModel A1534, EMC 2991です。

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MacBook 12 2016 display glitches

Good evening

I've bought it from Gumtree and now I've got problem.

The problem what I've got is display shows "glitches" (colourful mostly horizontal lines) - strange thing is - only on white background - when connected to TV - it is fine.

Case/lid got no any signs of damage.

I was wondering it just display flex would fix that - www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401409712743

Apple says "just" £500 for fix which is a bit - oh jesus christ :(

Thank You


Update (02/02/2018)

...additional informations.

When I purchased it - it had.... El Capitan on it.

Glitches horizontal lines are/can be everywhere on display (not just in one specific place) when booted.

Not a single glitch when white Apple boot logo on black background + white progress bar + text about how much time to complete installation.

It has SMC 2.35f105 - but BootROM bit old (I think - MB91.0159.B00) - I'm doing now Combo Update 10.13.3 - hoping it will update it.

Block Image

In this photo glitches "fallow" the window when it is moved around

Block Image

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Can you post a couple of good images so we can see.


ok I'll do in 30 minutes


ok I've added some more information :)



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mmm ... Well I don't think the cable is the issue here.

Lets look at an example to put this into perspective. Hopefully you remember the old analog TV with antennas & rabbit ears ;-}

Do you remember having to twist them every which way to get a good signal? And now how much better over the air digital TV is. You don't get the smear or noise of analog, instead you'll see a freeze up and checkered boarding when the signal gets interrupted.

So what does this have to do with my problem! Quite a lot!

Before we had retina displays we had an analog signal (LVDS) in the systems where you would get smearing and noise as well as color shifting when the cable was damaged. Today we have iDP which is a digital signal (internal DisplayPort) just like your digital TV if the signal to the display was getting messed up you would get a similar condition. Which is not what you are seeing!

So what is it?

Sadly, I think your display is damaged. On the back side is some circuitry which converts the iDP signal to the needed signaling the display uses to create the image. This logic is where the failure is. I can't explain what happened here, it could be liquid damage or something pressed on the lid or just be a bad part from Apple.


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so why this guy and many others got LVDS flex?



The first clue here is they are calling out the wrong name in the cable (LVDS) Apple just calls it a Display cable ;-}

Just because people are selling parts doesn't mean much. All they are doing is buying the system and taking it apart to sell off the parts. So the least needed parts tend to build up.

Proper diagnostics and common sense (a good understanding of the tech) is I go about fixing things. I'm not sure if the onboard diagnostics will report an error here but you could give it a try. When you restart your system press and hold the D key. Does it come up with an error?

Reference: Mac startup key combinations




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