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Touch screen not working after replacement on ipad mini 1

My touch didgitizer cracked under the top glass some how, the touch screen wouldent work so i orded a cheap sly pry kit on amazon and atempted to replace it. I followed a youtube video and when i tested the screen before sealing it, the touch screen wouldent work. I retried attaching and disconnecting all the connectors (battery, lcd and digitizer ) but the touch screen still wouldent work. I checked my prongs and they are all fine. But i noticed a small crease on the ic chip / digitizer cable from when i tried to test the screen, and a label on the new digitizer said " Do not fold the digitizer cable or the screen wont work" . I see most youtube videos just placing down the screen which folds the cable. Im not sure if i broke the digitizer or if it is fualty or if something internally maltfunctioned like software or a wire . Please help me Asap , thnx

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Not sure if you want to spend more time on an iPad Mini 1. Apple has discontinued all support for this tablet, and pretty soon you will not be able to get new apps for it.

Last supported iOS was iOS 9.x



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If you ordered a "cheap" replacement digitizer, that could be your problem. In addition, the iPad mini is one of the more difficult devices to work on and it has a few traps that need to be avoided. You can start by looking at this guide to insure you did everything right when disassembling the device.

When you re-assemble, you have to cover the copper or silver traces around the digitizer (on the inside surface) to avoid ghost touching. As for the flex, it should not have a bend or any tears so check that as well.


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I would suggest sending the screen back and getting a replacement.


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