Why wont my phone connect to ANY wifi?

I've tried EVERYTHNG but my phone just wont connect to any network connection. Not even wifi. How can this be solved without getting another phone?

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Have you been able to connect to a WiFi network OK before now?

If not how long have you had this phone?

By "everything" did you also mean that you included doing a factory reset?

If you could connect OK before and you haven't performed a factory reset then try the following:

Start the phone in safe mode and then see if you can connect to a WiFi network OK.

If you can connect OK then a downloaded app is the reason why you cannot connect to a WiFi network. The trick is to find out which one.

Go back to normal mode and then you'll need to uninstall each downloaded app one by one and test the WiFi after each uninstall until you can connect OK. The last app that was uninstalled will be the problem. Try starting with uninstalling the last app you downloaded that was around about the same time that you started having WiFi problems.


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