lights and figures not working

my carousal is 1994. It rotates and plays music but the lights don't work and the figures don't move. How do i fix this?

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At that age, the lights will be filament bulbs rather than LEDs and one or more may well have blown. Getting replacements might be tricky as they'll have to be the same voltage and the same watts or amps (Watts = Volts x Amps). You could convert it to use LEDs but we'd need quite a lot more info in order to advise you how.

In particular, does it run on batteries (if so, what sort and how many) or a mains adapter (in which case, what is the output voltage). How many bulbs does it contain, and are they wired in a daisy chain (in series) or two wires going to the first, then 2 wires from the first to the second etc (in parallel).

I imagine there can be only one motor, and if it turns the carousel but the figures don't move that must be a mechanical problem. Any corrosion, or anything bent?