HuaweiのP10スマートフォンのLite Versionです。2017年3月に発売、Leicaと共同開発されたデュアルリアカメラを特長としています。容量は32/64 GBから選べ、6色のカラーバリエーションがあります。モデル番号はWAS-LX1A。

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Battery percentage stalls when plugged in


I recently replaced the LCD assembly on a P10 lite. During the process, I tore open the battery by mistake. No big deal, new battery. After all was done, the phone just wouldn't charge. I tried other batteries and chargers and still nothing. Any idea what went wrong? Could the LCD be the blame?

I have to mention that about a month ago I replaced the LCD assembly on another P10 lite and all went well.

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At first you can reopen the smartphone and make a double check if the battery is connected correctly. Same goes for the LCD (another issue could be the connection of the charging board to the mainboard - you can check this as well). It also can happen, that you damage the interconnect flex cable between charging and main board, whilst removing the battery, in this case the phone wouldn't charge as well).


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