The DZ09 is a Chinese smart watch with basic features and calling ability. These can be as cheap as $10! (Yes, you read that correctly!)

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Only my menu button touch not working... What can I do?

My smart watch menu button touch is not working...

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If you bought it online, try getting a refund(If Website does refunds), or try taking it to a repair outlet like Batteries Plus Bulbs, or the nearest place to you that repairs stuff like smartwatches. If you bought it from a store, then try taking it to the store you got it from, and asking them to repair it, if they have kits to fix it, replace the screen, or buy a new one. But you can buy it if you want to, your money, your choice. So, I hope this helped you. I have DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch Phone problems as well. But sorry if it didn't help. Have a good day, though.


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