New car 800w subwoofer very low output bass

Hello i just got a 800w subwoofer installed in my mazda 3.

Previously it was installed in my peugeot 106 with a pioneer headunit.

In my peugeot the bass was very good but now in my mazda i can barely hear it.

I would like to know what are the possibilities that it is not working as supposed.

Thanks guys!

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Go back to whoever installed it and show them the problem. If it was installed by a professional installation service they should give a guarantee on their work


I already told him, he said that’s the maximum that can be done.

Is it possible that my mazda 3 factory baseunit delivers too little power? Compared to the pioneer headunit?



He may be right.

According to this link the unit doesn't have much power. You may need to install an amp