video turns off and green light blinks before all shut off

After it was stuck on green blinking light and no video, I changed the capacitors on the DM board, as instructed. Video now stays on for a few minutes before turning off (with a puff sound) and then the green blinking light goes on for a few minutes before going out too. At that point, I can power the TV (and video) back up to working again for a few minutes--before it does the whole cycle again!

I checked the error code, and it is a 1-2 (or 12), which I think says its O.k.?

Do I need to change the lamp, or is there something else I should check? I can't seem to find anyone who sells the lamps or bulbs for the WS-65611 model.



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Gary, my 65" Mitsubishi has the exact same symptoms. At first, I thought I had a cold solder joint from the last time I replaced the caps, but I carefully resoldered the caps today with no improvement. It seems the TV will turn on, work for a period of time (maybe a minute, maybe a half hour) and then randomly turn off with a green flashing light. The flashing will last for 20 seconds to 2 minutes, and then stop. At that time, I can turn on the TV again.

I've noticed anecdotally, that the issue seems heat related because if I can get the TV on long enough to 'get hot' it will stop turning itself off. Another possible data point is I think the problem is more pronounced when using the DTV antenna input versus other inputs.

I'd love to fix this. If I discover anything else, I'll post here. Good luck.


This model is extremely hard to fix Mitsubishi had trouble with it from the start. When one fixed one problem a new one is next to follow somewhere else. It was so bad that Mitsubishi ended up replacing the complete chassis and quickly phased this model out. There were troubles with the EEPROM as well so maybe you can check on that as well as all the pico fuses. Holler if you need the service manual