Multiple screens, Touch failure after a couple days

hey there team.

I have an iPad mini in my store, and i really would like to get it running for my customer. we have replaced the Touch panel assembly (With Control I/C) three times now. twice of which under warranty, and the same issue shows up.

Immediately after the repair, the touch functions perfectly fine. there is no issue for about 2 days. after which the touch stops. When we run a hard reset (Home/Power for 15Sec) it works fine again for a couple days, then stops.

(Yes, i HAVE put the tape across the digi and home button flex to stop any shorts on the frame.)

if anyone has had this issue before, please contact me with the way you fixed it.

If there is any known board issue with this problem, i have the tools and skillset to do micro SMT Solder work, so if you could post me an image highlighting what would need to be replaced, ill get started on that.

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bumping the question to the top.