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The Nikon D80 is a digital, 10.2 megapixel, single-lens camera that was released to the public in 2005. It is meant for digital photo-taking and filming.

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Camera not working at all Menu not showing

Nothing lit up in menu screen exept for small black suare in top L.H. corner.Camera and battery 20yrs. old although battery when charged seems to hold

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You mentioned that your Nikon D80 battery charged. You have a Nikon EN-EL3e, correct? Do you know what the voltage is on the battery after is has been fully charged and has sat untouched for 30min? The voltage on a 7.2v camera battery is in the low 8v range. You should be getting ~8.2v on a fully charged new battery. Since it's been 11 years, you should be reading a mid to low 7v range. If you are measuring mid to low 6v, your battery may not be in good enough shape to boot the camera. Is your battery a genuine Nikon battery or 3rd party? I've had a lot of 3rd party batteries die on me well before the genuine ones fail.

Good luck.


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