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The Sony Xperia XA was announced February 2016 and released June 2016. The device is 5.0 inches tall and weighs 137.4 g.

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Damaged LCD in Xperia XA F3111

I've dropped the phone and now the LCD is dead. I need to replace the whole set. Has anyone done this yet? Here is the most complex video tutorial I've found:

For what else should I take a double precautions? Maybe you know some fragile points. Thanks!

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Hi, I understand what you think of that screen replacement, the screen of Xperia XA is very adhesive and not easy to be separated. Here is another video forXA LCD Screen replacement, maybe it can be help, also there's link for the OEM XA Screen with Digitizer.


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Sunil Kamala さん、ありがとうございました!

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