My fuel pump will not prime

I have a 2002 GMC Sierra Denali with 193k on it and I was having issues for a while where my truck would run fine then die out and not start for a few minuites then start right up, it went on for a while untill my fuel pump just wouldn't prime

I started with checking fuses and swapping relays, they're all fine

I replaced my fuel pump several times now, 4 used pumps and 1 brand new on in the truck now

Replaced pressure regulator mounted on the pump

Re did the harness from the pump to about a foot up with the new harness that came with the pump

I've checked all my wires from control centre down to the fuel pump and everything's fine

One fuel pump I replaced it with wouldn't work after I threw it in and tested it then after a day it suddenly worked for 3 days then died right out again

Cut the wires from the used pump to see if it was getting power and it is

So now I'm stuck with a brand new pump new harness new sensor and my fuel pump still will not prime I'm stumpt, checked all threads and nothing's helped

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Hi Kai, does your truck have Passlock?