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Samsung Galaxy Note 5は2015年8月に発売されたSamsung製のスタイラスペン付きファブレットスタイルのスマートフォンです。

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*67 in text message?

I just happened to look at the contact number I was getting ready to text and saw that there was a *67 in front of the phone number. How did that happen? I didn't put it there. Does that mean the other person wasn't receiving my text messages?

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Ok. First start with turning it off and on again. Then try a force restart

To force restart your device, press and hold the Volume down key and Power/Lock key on the device for 10–20 seconds. This performs a simulated battery disconnect

If that doesn't take, then you'll likely have to restore, which you'll want to backup your data

From a Home screen, tap Apps . These instructions apply to Standard mode only.

Tap Settings.

From the Personal section, tap Backup and reset.

Tap Back up my data to turn on or off .

Tap Backup account.

Tap the appropriate account.

Tap Automatic restore to turn on or off.


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I went to contacts and made the number the default number and the *67 went away. But HOW did it get there in the first place? So when I sent text msgs to this person, does this mean they didn't get them?


Probably not. You'll have to resend. The contacts thing was good to know. I'll keep that in mind


If anyone cares (*67) is Caller ID blocking. I have a feeling someone at some point got a hold of the phone and wanted to try to send texts without wanting the person on the other end knowing where it came from.


@avanteguarde cool to know! Thanks, bruv


My problem is a certain number automatically gets a *67 added Everytime I try to text it. I don't understand this.




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