Smart fitness watch via Bluetooth, released in March 2016. Model: FB502SBUL

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Heart Rate Monitor Cracked

Has anyone experienced a cracked HR monitor? I'm specifically speaking about the little area between the green flashing LED's on the back of the Fitbit blaze. Wondering if this is contributing to the screen not waking on command, home button being unresponsive, and overall less than seamless working experience.

Bigger question, can it be repaired?

Thank you!


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If you are just aiming to fix the heart rate monitor, then yeah thats possible, just use the guide for the replacement motherboard up through step #6 and the try to source a replacement back housing/heart rate sensor for the device. If you are not able to find it, try looking for a Fitbit blaze that has a cracked screen or that won't turn on because odds are that unless the back glass is cracked, they are usually pretty good so unless you can't find a replacement sensor, your best bet is trying to find a really broken and cheap example with an alright looking back.


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