Printing over RDP on a Mac from Remote PC to a iMac?

Can you print from a remote desktop connection from the remote PC (Windows XP Pro) to the local Mac?

If so what software or remote desktop software (that is preferably free or inexpensive and obviously supports Mac to PC remote desktop or vice versa) do you recommend and know for SURE will work and do what we need both in remote desktop and local print capabilities from the source on the remote computer (PC)

Please let me know your suggestions and any setup tips or troubles or obstacles you may have ran into while trying to perform this. This is one of our commercial/billable clients so please serious answers or suggests only!

So, in summary, essentially I have a client that works for a company with a PC based network environment and he wants to be able to get a new iMac and connect via remote desktop to his desktop at the office (PC) and print things on the remote computer to his local printer at his house.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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