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PS4 disk drive keeps making ejecting sounds after installing new hd?

I upgraded my PS4 hard drive from a 500gb to a 1tb and after I installed the update software (from USB), my blu-ray disk drive keeps making a ejecting sound whenever I turn it on and off and it won't accept any discs....... Is it a bad disk drive? I don't mind taking anything apart. Please help!

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Took out Battlefield to play some Killzone. Cool. disc inserted, but then immediately spit right back out. then the disc drive wouldn't accept discs at all. Uh oh. Not only would the disc drive not

accept a disc, but every 10-15 seconds or so it make the eject sound without a disc even being in there.

I looked on this forum and several other forums. Did all the typical trouble shoot stuff. unplug, safe mode, #5 option under safe mode (reinstall something or whatever, can't remember). No luck.

Then I finally went back to safe mode, ran system software updates (2.52 I think?) through safe mode. The entire update and install took about 15 minutes. During the entire install, the PS4

continued to make the disc eject sound the whole time. I figured it wasn't going to work. But then after the install finished and the PS4 rebooted, no more sound.

I noticed that many folks said this step only worked for a day or two then the problem persisted. Well it has been a week, and no issues at all. If anybody else is freaking out and has the won't

accept discs/PS4 constantly cycles through eject mode, hopefully this will help.


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Thank you so much for your response, unfortunately it didn't work (Sad Face placed here). I was hoping I could fix it myself, but I might need to take it in to get fixed(Another Sad Face placed here). I'm still open to anything else that might work.




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