iPad Air 2 YouTube offline save not working in background

HI all,

Need serious help.

i Have iPad Air 2 which is my first apple product.

I Am from india and due to poor network or free wifi, I prefer saving my videos offline to watch it while travelling.

but YouTube offline does not download video in background.

what I do is, select a video, press offline mode and the video download starts. Hence I switch to other apps or to browse. After sometime a notification appears stating "saving offline has been paused. Open YouTube to resume". This is same when I lock my screen to go to bed wishing my download will be complete by morning for my travel. It would have paused

it may sound really stupid is what solutioni have come up with is to keep the screen lock off, open the youtube app, turn nighht mode on, brightness to zero, and plug in the charger and sleep. This makes the video available for me till morning.


iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 10.3.2

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