Teardown Guide for Logitech G933s?

Hey, I have a pair of Logitech G933's. I don't have any audio issues but my mic is acting up, If I hit the side of the headset though it will work. This kinda makes me think that it's an internal wire that is lose or something. Does anyone have a teardown guide or repair guide that I could follow?

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I had an issue where the mic boom would crackle when brought down. So i took the time to investigate myself. For me it was as simple as this.

1. Remove the ear padding. (it slides right off with no issue.)

2. Remove the 6 small screws around the speaker.

3. lift up the speaker panel.

This is where things may differ. For me I did this.

4. Swing the mic boom up and down to see where the wire was.

5. Found that the wiring run made it rub against itself when lowering the boom.

6. I took some electrical tape and wrapped the end closest to the circuit board.


There is also a small ribbon cable that can be unhooked.

Lift up the connector clip where the blue end is, pull the ribbon cable out of the clip, put the mic wire around the ribbon cable, and reconnect the ribbon cable. I did this as a means to route the mic wire from itself to prevent further touching.

Hope this is a bit of help.