Echo SRM-225 Trimmer. This model replaced the SRM-210. The most common repairs for this device are straight forward and can be done quickly.

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Why does the head spin off when I push the trigger

Everything running perfectly, but now after I fed the lines in as described for replacement, I push the trigger, the head spins and then falls off into 2 pieces. The metal cap (see below that this may be an adapter) that the head screws up to and the head itself.

I screw the head back on ok after I put the cap up first, but it keeps happening.

No idea. Machine has less than 2 hours run time since last 2 years when I bought it.

This area is on the page R diagram. Only thing I can think of is Part 13, the plate adapter on diagram Page K is what is falling off, maybe it is broken due to pounding to get string to run our new length.

This unit had been very unresponsive to touching the head to get new line to fish out.

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Any pictures?


I tried one more time to tighten it and as mentioned, I guess it was not tight enough even though I appeared to have screwed it all the way. Physics would say not I guess. Ha! It worked ok today, thanks for the answers.


alan.yurkovic, That is great that your up and running again, thanks for replying back, good luck with your trimmer.



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alan.yurkovic , See the manual link#1 for installation/parts diagram and installation of head. Unless plate/part is worn in the spline area or you are not tightening head sufficiently or using a incompatible head assy., it should not be coming apart. Pop into a local small engine repair shop and have them take a look if problem persist, I do not think they would charge any fee. Also see the 2nd link for further instruction on tightening/installation of trimmer head. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


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