1.7GHz デュアルコア Intel Core i5(Turbo Boost使用時最大2.6 GHz)3MB L3キャッシュ

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Replace 4GB ram i5 mid-2012 logic board with 8GB i7 mid-2012 board?

Anyone know for sure if it's possible to replace the logic board in a mid-2012 i5 4GB ram 11" Macbook Air with the logic board from a mid-2012 i7 8GB logic board? Do the connectors match up? Would the power management unit recognize the new board? Thank you!!

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Do you have those boards? Can you pull the board numbers?

The numbers are 820-xxxx-y (x are numbers, y letter a or b).

Some people may be able to tell straight up. I'd need this info myself to be able to answer.


Holy clubbed baby seal, you guys are fast! Unfortunately I only have the receiving machine currently, and was going to order the upgrade board once consensus is reached on the matter.. I definitely won't buy a donor board without verifying what its etched number is. Do the numbers+letters need to be the exact same or are one or more aspects expected to differ? Thanks a ton!!!


Actually never mind my comment. What @reecee said is absolutely correct. I just didn't notice that you already mentioned both would be the same year (mid 2012). So to make sure you are getting the same model, try to get the same board number (that would be 820-3208 according to @oldturkey03 ).



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If it is the same year, screen size and the logic board numbers are the same (will be etched into the board, think it is on the back on the 2012 models) it will work fine.


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Holy exploding panda fetus, you guys are fast! Definitely will seek same year and screen size as the receiver machine, and I won't buy a donor board without verifying that its etched number matches the one on the board I'm replacing - does it need to match exactly or with a slight difference expected? The comment above seems to be implying they might not (or should not) be exactly the same, but I asked for clarification. Thanks a million, this is exactly the information I needed!


The logic board number will be the same, even if it is a different specification. Both boards should either be 820-3208 or 820-3209 (one is for 11", one for 13", just can't remember which one is which off the top of my head).


@reecee 820-3208 is for the 11"


Thanks @oldturkey03, always forget which is which on the 2011 and 2012 models :)




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