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Ps4 Slim and Ps4 repair questions

I have a Ps4 and a Ps4 Slim. Both of them have stopped working. I was playing the Ps4 when it happened, heard and saw a loud snap, then it died. I found my Slim unresponsive when I arrived home one afternoon.

I am purchasing a power supply for the Ps4 and replacing it myself (as repairs cost twice as much). Though, I'm hoping its just the power supply. The repairs would cover everything, but if I just put a new power supply in and that's not the only issue, I just wasted my money.

Also I'm wondering, instead of having to re-download things and such, could I use the Ps4 Slim Hard Drive in the normal Ps4? If so, could i just put it in there no strings attached?

Another thing, if anyone can help me find a Ps4 Slim Power supply I would be so grateful. It was hard enough finding the CUS-1215A power supply. It seems both models I have are the most difficult to find parts for, how unfortunate for me...

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Unfortunately, you can't just swap the hard drives over. Anytime you put a different hard drive in a PS4 the PS4 will erase it and then you'll have to install the system software on it.

You can find PS4 Slim power supplies on Ebay. I've got some listed here but there are lots of others too.


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Thanks so much for the help man!


You're welcome...good luck with the repair.



This helped me so much


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