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Read but not play

Good evening or day to everyone. I have this major problem that affects my playstation 4.

A year or so a go my son put 5 disks into the disk tray. I know, not good. I was however able to remove them all with little effort. Tear down entire ps4 to get to the tray. After reinstall i noticed a grinding noise. At that point i gave up because life took me in a different direction.

Fast forward a long time. I fixed a few things in the tray. I ordered a new BPD-010 drive, installed it because it matched what i have in now. It didnt go anywhere. I installed the old daughter board on the new drive and I was able to read the disks but not play the disks.

The code i keep getting is CE-35888-2. The drive sucks in disks it can eject. But that code keeps me from playing my games.

Any help would be fantastic.

I installed the old drive because i realised the metal plate also provided power to the daughter board. After install of all the original parts i still got that error. with the drive reading the disks

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Normally it works fine if you replace the disc drive with one that matches and install the original daughterboard onto the new drive. In some cases however that error code will come up even with the original daughterboard. I have not found a fix for this. It's possible that installing the original, broken disc drive into it will fix that error code, but not guaranteed. Unfortunately, sometimes when they get this code (and you have the original board installed) there is just nothing you can do.

Sorry for the bad news but I hope it helps.


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The jest of this is the blue drive you bought to replace yours needs to have had the same size ribbon cable are yours originally. I would double check that first.


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