Screen fails sometime after replacing digitizer

I replaced the digitizer on an iPad mini 3 LTE. Everything worked great. (Parts sourced from reputable retailer; my supplier has a limited lifetime warranty.) The customer picked up the device, and then several hours later called and said the display stopped working. I had this exact issue with an iPhone 6s a few weeks ago. Both devices were thoroughly tested, and worked perfectly when the customer picked them up. With the iPhone, I tried multiple screens, and the display intermittently worked. The customer has not brought the iPad back to me yet, I advised them to try a soft reset, and if that doesn't work, bring it back to the shop tomorrow. The iPhone repair was with an LCD digitizer assembly, the iPad mini was a digitizer only replacement.

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they way you are saying this make me think that you have rewired something wrong or the wires have gone bad into the LCD or digitizer


Well. The customer called me back and said that the soft reset fixed the iPad mini 3, but now the home button doesn't work. She brought it back, I tried everything I found on all of these various threads and was unsuccessful at getting any response. I'm concluding it was a coincidental failure, I've ordered a new button and flex cable, and we will see what happens once they get here.


Ok, please let me know how it goes :)


I'm not saying this is it at all because it doesnt really seem related but I had a customer bring one in the other day that was issues with the Display and the issue was it needed an update. Pretty crazy how something like an update could keep the device from working at all.