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The first tablet from the family Iconia Tab B1 (Acer Iconia Tab B1-A71) was announced in January, 2013.

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Why does my screen have negative colors?

One day the colors on the screen of my Iconica B1 A71 turned negative. There are no settings to change this on the current version of android for this device (4.1.2).

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Update your device. Theres probably an option in accessibility for it.


There is no available update for this device, trust me there is no setting on this version. I have taken the tablet to tech fixers and they could find nothing either.


Try resetting the device. If you cant find an option. factory reset the device. This should rid it of whats causing the issue. Could possibly be a virus. Download AVG antivirus from the play store and run it. if there is no viruses detected, it probably needs a factory reset.



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Usually it is in Settings --> Accessibility --> Display --> Negative Colors.

If that doesn't work, enable Developer options.

1) Go To Settings --> About --> Tab "Build Options" 7 times until it says you activated developer mode

2) Go back one screen, you should see a new "developer options" screen

3) scroll down to color space and play with the settings there.

If either of these don't work, try a factory reset.


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