Black screen, Turns on, is working with external monitor!?

hello, i need some help.

the problem was my display was flickering all the time and i had to put it on the right angle to see a picture on the display. after a few days it was so massed up it was almost impossible to see something.

my troubleshooting process:

1. i used a external monitor -> worked fine

2. i asumed it would be the lcd or the cable -> replaced the display

3. still nothing on the screen and the system didnt even recognized a internal monitor anymore

4. i replaced the cable -> same thing system dont recognizing the monitor

for step 3. and 4. it was like the display is flickering a little at the beginning, just very little grayish and black and gray and black again, just like its trying to get to the monitor but failing. and than its nothing just black.

does anyone of you have an idea?

the thing is i had two operating systems - linux and windows. with windows it was just this slight flickering gray and black. on inux it was a white-black flickering all the time but was not booting and showed a error on the external monitor.

thanks niklas

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Try connecting your old screen again, connect an external monitor, start the laptop and prove the display is working OK on an external monitor then shine a torch at an angle close to the screen and check if a display is visible. It will be dim, so a darkened room may help. Might be hard if the screen is flickering

If you can detect a display (windows desktop etc) then you have a backlight problem.

Don't know your laptop but it could be either the laptop inverter power board (if it has one - if not the backlight power circuit is on the motherboard) the lid switch (lid switch controls the power to the backlighting either software controlled - switch tells BIOS to turn power on or off or switch contacts in actual power feed to backlight in screen?) or the backlight power circuit in the motherboard. As you have changed screens I'm discounting the screen


hi jayeff, i tryed it again with the old display still the same thing. no desktop and windows still dont recognizing my internal monitor.

the thing is i cant find the schematics for my laptop.

thank you for the answer


it says DABLIDMB8E0 REV:E on the motherboard


@niklasjakob, did you try deleting the drivers for the display and the reinstall in case they have become corrupt.


@L Pfaff how an i delete the driver?

@jayeff i also tried the lid switch it is also working normaly i think. its a magnet in the screen cover and it shuts down the system when i close it but there are no signs it isnt working . would it start at all if the lid switch is on all the time ?