What part do I need to replace wifi connection or antenna

I lost the ability to connect to wifi, getting the "not in range" message no matter where I try to connect (i.e. home, family member's home, Starbucks, couple of restaurants, etc.) Successfully connected until recently. All other devices work. I've seen this description so many times, I worked diligently to try all of the "soft" fixes which did not help. Took tablet to a local computer repair person. They tried things and then did a save and reset to factory settings. No help. The guy said "the c-chip is bad or failing," and the replacement of it would end up costing more than the tablet is worth. I advised to put it back together and I picked it up. I'm pretty handy and enjoyed the instructions for taking this tablet apart. Now I just need to know what component needs to be replaced to fix wifi.

I've read one article elsewhere that indicated the wifi component is part of the mother board, so have to replace the motherboard. Prices widely vary for that. Now I just want to check what part REALLY needs to be replaced and I'll replace it. It's a decent tablet that I use as part of my voice studio. I don't really want to spend the 200-500+ dollars for a new one, and don't really want to buy something that might not work as well as this one. So...there ya' go. Please let me know if you need additional info. I've probably done one of those TMI "questions" already! Thanks!

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