Jam Replay HX-P250 Not charging?

Hi, I received a Jam Replay (HX-P250) for Christmas and this is the first time I've got it out of the packaging to charge. I've plugged it into multiple things via multiple mini to usb cables (computer, power bank, different wall outlets with multiple chargers). I cannot get the red charging light to stay solidly on. It turns on for ~5secs then turns off whenever I plug it in. I can not get the device to respond otherwise. It will not turn on at all or show up in bluetooth devices.

Did I get a bum battery? Is it acutally charging? I have no idea what this thing is doing. I want to chuck it across the room.

Addendum: Here is footage of what happens when I plug the speaker in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKyyZtn9...

Apologies for portrait mode.

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I have the same problem with my jam replay HX P250 is completely dead . No lights on when charging and will not turn on. I've managed to open my jam replay up and think it needs a new battery . Which is glued to the mother board how can I get it out with damaging to replace with new one ?


I also have the same issue but with a different JAM speaker. I ordered it from Amazon at the very end of March. I moved and never opened the box until last week. I plugged it in to charge, it said "Charging," but after 30 seconds it says "powering off." I reached out to the Amazon distributor but because it was beyond the return date, he refused to replace. This speaker genuinely had never been used and off gate, fresh from the box it didn't work.


on mine it would just make red lights.