Dimming LCD after few days of changing glass

So hay to everyone,I have question about my galaxy s3 phone,so he was crashed a lot,and he was like mosaic picture with broken glass and also he was getting some time trouble to show a picture on LCD ,some time it was only blank nothing but touch and other work fine(could hear some sound) and I need to restart him about 6000 times but he will be apper a picture and working fine. (I need to say that on glass was droped of in left top corner and betwen home button)

I order an glass and LOCA glue and replace everything work fine,camera,back button,home button,info button,LED signal ,touch,there wasn't any baubles in LOCA and I put him into UV light for enough time,but after five days he fall of my pocket and I noticed in top right cornen just like little brighter part but it was to small and after couple days that become in darker and darker and become black and trough days apper in left top corner like dimmer display or something,how days were gone it become a bigger and bigger black stain,now is black stain all one half left side LCD trough diagonale.

Is there any explenation for that or solution? (Sorry for my bad language...)

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