Released August, 2010. Identified by part number: 884354009250.

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I need some Button Turn off/on

I need some Button Turn off/on

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I have the same problem, the button fell out. I have the button but there seems to be something else that is missing because the button doesn't work. when placed back, it's loose. Did you fix it?




Sometimes my H1 loses the date and time. When it does that, it will not record. The unit turns on but pushing the record button does nothing.

I turn it off, hold down the Record button while powering the unit back on. It then defaults to the date. Use the forward or backword buttons to get to the correct date or time. Use the Play button to set the time after you choose the correct time.

Every time I reset the date and time it makes the Record button work. Try it and answer back.


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Cio Fadhilah さん、ありがとうございました!

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